Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a scroll?
    “Scroll” is a term used in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) for a piece of medieval-inspired art given out to participants as a recognition of enthusiasm, skill, or volunteering within the group. The art is usually donated by artists we call “scribes” (which just means anyone who makes a scroll, whether they do calligraphy, paint, carve wood, mosaic, etc).
  • What is the SCA?
    The SCA is a medieval recreation group that covers the entire world pre-1600 AD. As opposed to a reenactment group with a specific focus in time period and geography, the SCA is more a living history club with an extremely broad scope. Read more at the SCA’s website.
  • Is that like the Renaissance Festival?
    Kind of! There are many people that do both. At Renaissance Festivals, it’s a show being put on for spectators, and it only goes for for a few weeks a year. The SCA is more a hobby club, where everyone participates, and there are no spectators. It also has events and practices going on year-round!