Award of Arms for Gayle of Falcon’s Keep

Award: Award of Arms for Gayle of Falcon’s Keep
Date:  Haire Affaire 2017
Paper: 8×10″ on Bristol board
Illumination: Gouache, Micron pen
Calligraphy: Iron gall ink, 1mm Brause nib
Inspiration: Flemish psalter W246 f.77r

Deserving of notice and commendation is one Gayle of Falcon’s Keep, who serves anywhere she can, is a great help in the kitchen, and has a love of learning new things. Thus do we, Yehudah Khagan and Hrodir Bek, together rulers of Northshield, award her arms. Done by the hands of our heirs, Prince Konrad and Princess Aibhilin, on this 18th of February AS 51 at Haire Affaire.

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