Charter for Laurel ceremony for Hrodwyn

Award: Charter for Laurel ceremony for Hrodwyn
Date: Fall Coronation 2018
Paper: 8×10″ on deer parchment
Calligraphy: Iron gall ink, 1mm Brause nib
Inspiration: Cotton MS Augustus II 3

Wherefore we, Vladimir and Petranella, while assembled in our Canton of Blachmere in the most Noble Barony of Nordskogen, being a famous place, have gathered our ealdormen to hear of various matters and testimonies concerning our kingdom of Northshield, most especially regarding our most Ancient and Honorable Order of the Laurel. At length it resulted from an enquiry of Ealdred and Fina, members of that same order, that a request was made in the presence of all to invite Hroðwynn Brycgentslaga forthwith. After this privilege had been read and examined amongst themselves in the presence of the king and queen and populace, it was pleasing to all and they together declared that they were not able to find anything else so noble and so wisely formulated which was in accordance with the kingdom’s guiding principles. And agreeing that this stand and be confirmed by all, they decreed it to be right September eight AS LIII.

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