Court Barony for Aesa Olafskona

Award: Court Barony for Aesa Olafskona
Date: Gulf Wars 2019
Paper: 5×7″ on sheep (?) parchment
Illumination: Gouache, Finetec gold, iron gall ink
Calligraphy: Iron gall ink, crowquill nib
Inspiration: Canterbury Tales   Chaucerian Roundel

Before us now stands one of virtue true
who might be thinking there’s been some mistake.
For Aesa, what award can we you make?

You know just what we need before we do
with generosity which can’t be faked.
Such aid to us reveals great virtue, true,
of that indeed there can be no mistake.

More joy than these mere words convey to you
we Vladimir and Petranella take
in raising those who strive for Northshield’s sake.

So now for she who is of virtue true
whose service to us can be no mistake
we Aesa fair a Baroness do make.

March 14 AS LIII at Gulf Wars

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