Order of the Pelican for Geoffrey de la Brugge

Award: Court Barony for Caitriona inghean Criomthainn
Date: July 16, 2022 at Warriors and Warlords
Paper: 11×14″ on sheep parchment
Illumination: Gouache, period pigments, shell gold, gold leaf
Calligraphy: Iron gall ink
Inspiration: Getty Ms. 2 (84.ML.67), fol. 38 – a smaller format book that I adapted to fit a larger layout.

The words are by Katerinka Lvovicha, based on Three Disputes involving the Cathedral Chapter of Notre-Dame of Chartres, 1215-1224:

Unto all who these present letters are seeing or hearing, from Ajax and Gaia, Rex et Regina Nordscildenses, most humble greeting.

We want to make known that a dispute has occurred between our Order of the Pelican and the noble man Geoffrey de la Brugge, Knight of the Society and Baron of the Court, because the aforesaid Geoffrey has,for a long time without any claim against him, served in many ways and capacities, to the benefit of Us and our predecessors.

Moreover, concerning his deeds and countenance, he has acted in accordance with the ordinances of the aforementioned Order of the Pelican, fulfilling its duties and responsibilities, yet he has acted without the authority of said Order as he has not yet been recognized as a full member.

Therefore, in accordance with our ancient rights as sovereigns, we hereby make him a companion of the Order of the Pelican.

As memory of this decision, we caused the present letters to be sealed with our Seal on the Feast of the Blessed Irmengard, in the month of July, Anno Societatis 57.

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