Making of Jehanette’s Augmentation of Arms

This scroll was done on 5×7″ pergamenata, based on the Hasting Hours, one of my new absolute favorites. The illumination is just so delicate and varied. I pulled the border and central illustration from one page, the layout from another, and the A from another. I didn’t take a ton of in-progress pictures, so here’sContinue reading “Making of Jehanette’s Augmentation of Arms”

Making of Sorcha’s Hand of Tyr

This scroll was done on 8×10″ pergamenata. The first step was laying out all the details I wanted to include in the scroll to personalize it. I do this as a very quick and small thumbnail sketch, so I can easily move things around if I need to. Guidelines are drawn in pencil using aContinue reading “Making of Sorcha’s Hand of Tyr”

Making of Tom’s Chivalry Scroll

This scroll was done on 11×14″ sheep parchment I cut from a whole hide I had of it. My first step was composing the words and laying out the illumination. Sorry for the bad lighting on these photos. Most of the work on this happened at night, and I don’t have great lighting at myContinue reading “Making of Tom’s Chivalry Scroll”