Chivalry for Tom Tinntinnabulum


Award: Chivalry for Tom Tinntinnabulum
Date: Pennsic 2019
Paper: 11×14″ on vellum
Illumination: Gouache, gold leaf, iron gall ink
Calligraphy: Iron gall ink, 1mm Brause nib
Inspiration: Grant of Arms to the Worshipful Company of Drapers

Making of Tom’s Chivalry Scroll

To all present and to come who these letters shall see or hear, Their Draconic Majesties, Felix and Madeleina, Rightful Sovereigns of the Middle Kingdom, send health and greetings.

Equity wills and reason ordains that those of a valiant and virtuous nature be had in a perpetual memory, not only in their persons in this mortal life, so brief and transitory, but also in their good name and fame, to be of noble memory and in all places of honor ever more reveranced, and to be recommended for showing of certain signs and tokens of honor and gentleness so that by their examples other persons may the sooner and the more often apply themselves to spend their lives in honorable works and virtuous deeds.

Of which persons one in especial whose name is Tom Tinntinnabulum have we verily ascertained, not only by common renown, but by our own knowledge also, and by the report of the noble members of our honorable Order of Chivalry, has long continued in virtue and in all his acts has gladly and honorably guided and governed himself, so that he now deserves and is right worthy to be entered in the aforesaid order.

For remembrance and consideration of his gentleness, virtues, & ability, by the authority and power of our office, we, Felix and Madeleina, do of our especial grace and certain wisdom, recognize Tom Tinntinnabulum as a Knight of the Society for Creative Anachronism, to be in all places numbered a Peer of Our Realm and a member of the Order of Chivalry, with all rights, privileges, insignia, precedence, and responsibilities thereto appertaining.

In witness whereof to these letters we have set our seal and signed this 5th day of September in the 39th year of our Society, at Havok in Hastings in our fair Barony of Andelcrag.

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