Order of Chivalry for Hans Volsch

Award: Order of Chivalry for Hans Volsch
Date: Fall Coronation 2018
Paper: 11×14″ on sheep parchment
Illumination: Gouache and period pigments, iron gall ink, gold leaf
Calligraphy: Iron gall ink, 1mm Brause nib
Inspiration: Grant of Arms to the Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers

Unto all folk to whom these present letters come, do we, Kaydian and Cassandra, rightful Sovereigns of the Kingdom of Northshield, send greeting.

Equity, will, and reason ordains that certain gentles of this Society be, for their extraordinary merits, recognized and acknowledged as Peers of the Realm. 

Whereas we are, not only by the common renown, but by the testimony of our most noble and honorable Order of Chivalry, well and truly informed that Hans Volsch has long pursued such feats of arms as mark him as an equal of the aforesaid order, and has taken upon himself the burden of teaching others his skill, and has in this, as in all matters, carried himself courteously and with due deference to the Crown, with a knowledge and respect for such pursuits as befits a Peer.

Knowing this, it is thus our will that he be elevated to our Order of Chivalry, and as such to be permitted to bear a white belt, gold chain and spurs, and to use the title of Sir. 

We do charge him to continue being to all a shining example of our Society’s ideals of honor and courtesy, to support and uphold the Crown, the Kingdom, and the laws of the Realm, and to advise the Crown henceforth on candidates to his new Order. 

In testimony thereof, we, Kaydian and Cassandra, have signed our names and sealed with our seal this 24th March, AS LII, in the Shire of Trewint.

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