Court Barony for Ahlwin von Hildebrand

Award: Court Barony for Ahlwin von Hildebrand
Date: Warriors and Warlords 2018
Paper: 8×10″ pergamenata
Illumination: Gouache
Calligraphy: Noodler’s black ink, 1mm Brause nib
Inspiration: The Floreffe Bible (Add MS 17737, f.124v)

Pray all know the will and decree of Yngvar and Luce, rightful sovereigns of Northshield. Some gentles, being of stout heart and righteous spirit, toil earnestly for the good of the land, even to the detriment of their own selves. A gentle such as this, who lifts up all, is to be himself lifted up and recognized. We, Yngvar and Luce, second of this name, King and Queen of Northshield, declare Ahlwin von Hildebrand to be such a one, and therefore it is our will this day, the fourteenth of July AS LIII at Warriors and Warlords, to make him a Baron of our court. By our hand and seal it shall be done.

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