Award of the Palfrey for Laird Connacht MacDein

Award: Award of the Palfrey for Laird Connacht MacDein
Date: Northern Realms War 2018
Paper: 8×10″ pergamenata
Illumination: Noodler’s Borealis black ink
Calligraphy: Noodler’s black ink, 1mm Brause nib
Inspiration: Add MS 15219 f.11v

May it be proclaimed throughout our realm that the devotion and passion with which Laird Connacht MacDein serves the equestrian community has impressed us, and thus do we, Yngvar and Luce, Dread Stellar Majesties Northshield, make unto him this Award of the Palfrey. Done this June 23 AS LIII at Northern Realms War.

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