Master of Defense for Robert Talbot

Award: Master of Defense for Robert Talbot
Date: Crown Tournament 2018
Paper: 16×20″ calf vellum
Illumination: Gouache, Finetec gold, Micron pen
Calligraphy: Noodler’s black ink, 1mm Brause nib
Inspiration: Grant of Arms to Charles Hewitt, England 1597

To all and singular gentles by this present writing whearesoever it shall come to be read hearde or understanded from Yngvar and Luce, most Stellar Soveraignes, the King and Quene of the Kingdom of Northshield, greeting. 

Whereas we, with the moste honorable counsell of our maisteres of the science of Defence, have seen, witnessed and do certifye That men who are having couninge sufficient and beinge experte in playinge with all manner of weapons usuall, and tryed before the maisters of the saidescience openly in our lystfield and upon the fields of war, 

and whereas men who are beinge noble and worthy subjects of our kingdom and society, displaying soch courteous behavior and devotion to our aims as befits a maister, and having widely and generously shared their expertise, and who are beinge most stedefaste and honorable gentlemen knowledgeable of those skills desirable in a civilized court, 

We Hereby certifye by these, our letters patent, that with authoritie and by especiall Commission under our broade Seall, and the guidance and recommendation of our peerage and our predecessors Kaydian and Cassandra, it pleaseth us to admitt our well-beloved Robert Talbot into our moste noble Order of Defence, bestowing licence unto him beinge a maister, to henceforth for ever be in all places honourably admitted, received, acknowledged, counted and renowned among the number and of the company of the Order of the Defence. 

And forasmuch we do admitt him to bear the marke of the Order of Defense, beinge “(Tinctureless) Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed” and a collar argent bearing said marke, and to herever after bear the title of Master of the Order of Defense.  

And moreover we do charge him to advise us henseforth on the advancement of candidates to his newe Order, and moreover we charge him instructe and teach from henseforth, those who aspire to learn his arte, and challenge all who do so wish to play that day for his acknowledgement and favor and also to continue to set as such an example as befits a maister, and thereby enhance his renowne and defend the honore of himself and his Lady and our Realme.  

By our hand and seal it shall be done this twelfth day of May at our Crown Tournament in Avonwood, Anno Societatis 53.

Concept sketch
Figuring out the calligraphy
Calligraphy done, illumination sketched, and imitation shell gold applied. I had to do this scroll on a large scrap of MDF closet shelf we had taken down because it was so big.

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