Duchy for Yngvar

Award: Duchy for Yngvar
Date: July 1, 2020
Paper: 11×14″ on pergamenata
Illumination: Gouache and period pigments, gold leaf, iron gall ink
Calligraphy: Iron gall ink
Inspiration: The Winchester Bible: leaf with illustrationspictures of book/hand, battle from Morgan Bible), U initial

Words by Katerinka Lvovicha:

Under the eye of the Griffin, we, Vladimir and Petranella, August King and Stellar Queen of Northshield, to their well beloved Yngvar, Knight of the Society, health and sincere affection.  Because we have very frequently realized your faithfulness, proven in many trials, to us and our kingdom, we do not doubt that you will rejoice greatly to know that we, your successors, out of reverence for our people, and all our ancestors and heirs, for the honor of the Griffin realm, on the advice of our venerable and well-aged peers, confirm and establish the following: we do by this present charter confirm that those who have completed two reigns on the stellar thrones, shall have the right to bear the title of Duke, to be acknowledged as Your Grace, and bear strawberry leaves upon a coronet of gold, to remind all of the prosperity and fruit you have borne to this, our most honorable and stellar kingdom.

In exchange for this title, you swear to uphold the laws and traditions of the realm which you have twice protected as king. Thus we do hereby establish and confirm your estate of a duchy with this patent of arms, and confirm these truths for ever. Given by our hands in Nordskogen on the eighth day of September, AS LIII, in the first hour of our reign.

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