Award of the Heliotrope for Wolfstanus Lightfote

Award: Award of the Heliotrope for Wolfstanus Lightfote
Date: May 30th, AS LV
Paper: 5×7″ on pergamenata
Illumination: Gouache, iron gall ink
Calligraphy: Iron gall ink, 1 mm nib, Ames 8 even spaced
Inspiration: The Arnstein Bible f.211r

Words by Their Excellencies Caoilfhionn and Gabriel:

A wall there might seem between art and service, but those who pursue both know it to be a dance. It pleases us to hear that Wolfstanus Lightfote excels not only in this art, learning and teaching, but also in embroidery, knitting, weaving, and more. In recognition of his skill, we, Caoilfhionn and Gabriel, bestow unto him the Award of the Heliotrope. Done the 30th of May, AS LV.

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