County for Hans Volsh and Genevieve MacArtne

Award: County for Hans Volsh and Genevieve MacArtne
Date: Spring Coronation 2022
Paper: 11×14″ on goat parchment
Illumination: Period pigments, gouache, Colira gold, real gold leaf
Calligraphy: Calli black ink
Inspiration: Grandes Heures de Jean de Berry, Bibliothèque nationale de France. Département des Manuscrits. Latin 919

To all those that these letters shall hear or see, from Ajax and Gaia, by right of arms Rex and Regina of the most Stellar Kingdom of Northshield, humble greetings.

Know ye that those who have served as King and Queen, stewarding the Griffin Realm through both the tranquility of peace and the strife of war, and who have now honorably retired, shall continue to be numbered among the Nobility of the Kingdom.

Thus it is that we now hereby acknowledge Hans Volsch and Genevieve MacArtne with the title and rank of Count and Countess, in recognition of their having guided the populace through these most uncertain pestilential times with patience, wisdom, and beneficence.

As such they shall now be entitled to bear as their emblem gold coronets embattled, and will be sought to defend, strengthen, and maintain this most glorious Griffin Realm.

In witness whereof we have set our seal and signed our hands on this ninth day of April in the fifty-sixth Year of the Society.

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